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Footprints was curated by Diana Orinda Burns, Kir larwill and Robyn Gibson to coincide with the International Multi-disciplinary Printmaking Conference  ‘IMPACT7 2011: Intersections & Counterpoints’ to be held in Melbourne from the 27th to the 30th September 2011.

Taking an aspect of the conference’s themes – “sustainability, reconstitution and recycling” – as a starting point, the exhibition featured the work of leading regional printmakers from Central Victoria exploring their particular place in and impact on the earth.


“Central Victoria is known for its focus on sustainability issues, and the enthusiasm and efforts of its local communities to live well, and sustainably: to keep our collective footprint small.  It is a region in direct contact with drought, the potential for fire, raw landscapes still visible from the gold-mining days, and the pressure of recently increasing populations. It is also well-known for its strong artist community and printmakers in particular. The ‘intersection’ of all these elements provides great potential for creative response” (Orinda Burns, Gibson and Larwill)

Artists were selected for the diversity of their work and printmaking techniques, and their high level of conceptual awareness. Through a range of methods, the artists used the printed surface to explore the Footprints and ‘Impact7’ themes of sustainability, recycling, reconstitution and change. Their connections to a shared place, and passion for the preservation and celebration of that place, produced a show that spoke loud and clear both about the Central Victorian region specifically, and global issues of sustainability generally.

The show included a range of two- and three-dimensional works, including artists’ books. Participating artist were: Jeremy Barrett, Kim Barter, Diana Orinda Burns, Liz Caffin, David Frazer, Robyn Gibson, Jackie Gorring, Robyn Hassall, Judy Jones, Kir Larwill, Jane Marriott, Jan Palethorpe, Catherine Pilgrim, Melissa Proposch, Helen Seligman and Clayton Tremlett.


Acknowledgment: Photographs of Footprints exhibition and individual pieces by Tim Gresham